important contact info

Therese Henrickson


859 620-5303

Therese is in charge of all speaker logistics.  If you have any questions regarding transportation, hotels, flights, etc please contact Therese.

Brian Raney


859 421-1690
Contact Brian if you can’t get in touch with Therese.

Nick Such


502 802-5972

Contact Nick if you can’t get in touch with Brian.

Address of conference:

Awesome Inc

348 East Main Street

Lexington, KY 40507

mxpa assignments

Each out of town speaker has been assigned an mxpa (mobileX speaker assistant).  Your mxpa will provide your transportation, help you out with logistics, and be available to assist you with anything you need during your stay in Lexington.  They are here to serve you and make sure you get the most of out of your visit.

Karim Varela:

Calah Crutcher - 859 806-1258

Brian Wong:

Tony Ho - 502 316-0273

Praveen Alavilli:

David McGee - 270 320-4631

Chris Judd:

Ashley Biven - 502 295-2226

Sam Soffes:

Elise Waddell - 502 759-4966

Josh Bob:

Michelle Hogg - 859 779-0262

Nihal Mehta:

Jessica Powers - 270 556-8558

Krista Neher:

Aaron Fons - 859 691-0712

Uki Lucas:

Katharine Sagan - 859 338-7390

James Burns:

Ryan Copple - 859 321-0694

Lai Lau:

Josh Strange - 614 562-9422

overall schedule


evening - speakers that are traveling from out of town arrive.  *we will provide transportation from airport to hotel.


9:00 am - 5:30 pm - mobileX conference (see conference schedule below).  *your mxpa will provide transportation from hotel to conference.

6:00 pm - speaker reception at the Clarion. *your mxpa will provide transportation from conference to hotel.

8:00 pm - hit up downtown, hang out at hotel, etc (your mxpa can help you with stuff to do)


11:00 am - Keeneland trip. *your mxpa will provide transportation from hotel to Keeneland. please take your luggage with you to Keeneland.

afternoon/evening - depart Lexington (we’re not kicking you out of the city, we’re just not claiming responsibility for you anymore :) * your mxpa will provide transportation from Keeneland to airport.

hotel information

Clarion Hotel

1950 Newtown Pike,

Lexington, KY 40511

(859) 233-0512

The Clarion Hotel has a large activity center that features a near Olympic-size indoor heated pool, an indoor hot tub,sauna, fitness center, video arcade arena, shuffleboard courts, table tennis and half-court basketball area.  It also includes some connected dining - Cortland's restaurant and the Sports Page bar.

Hotel features include:

  1. Free deluxe continental breakfast
  2. Free high-speed Internet access
  3. Free The Wall Street Journal
  4. Free local calls

room assignments (roommates)

Brian Wong (R,F,S) / Sam Soffes (R,F)

Josh Bob (R,F) / Nihal Mehta (R,F)

Lai Lau (R,F) / Krista Neher (F)

Uki Lucas (F) / Chris Judd (F)

James Burns (R)

mobileX master schedule

9:00 - 10:00
10:00 - 10:50
Keynote Talk - Brian Wong, Kiip.me - Mobile Entrepreneurship
11:00 -11:40
Breakout 1 - see below for each track's sessions
11:50 - 12:30
Breakout 2 - see below for each track's sessions
12:40 - 1:10
Breakout 3 - see below for each track's sessions
1:20 - 2:30
2:30 - 3:10
Breakout 4 - see below for each track's sessions
3:20 - 3:50
Breakout 5 - see below for each track's sessions
4:00 - 4:30
Breakout 6 - see below for each track's sessions
4:30 - 5:30
mobileX pitch contest

see full detailed schedule here: http://mobilexconference.com/lexington2011/schedule/